MX Skype Recorder

MX Skype Recorder is a new tool that works in conjunction with Skype and other VOIP applications, to record your voice conversations.

MX Recorder doesn't work. What should I do ?
MX Recorder may not work on Windows Vista or Windows 7 if Skype was run before recorder, so you need to do next steps:
- turn off autorun on skype
- restart computer
- be sure there is no skype.exe process active
- run MX Recorder
- run Skype

How can I uninstall MX Skype Recorder ?
The current version of MX Skype Recorder (4.3.0) has uninstaller. To uninstall the software you have to run MX Recorder from menu "Extras" by pressing "Uninstall".

Mcafee detects MXSkypeRecorder.exe as infected to 'New Malware.ab' and deletes it.
MXSkypeRecorder.exe doesn't contain any viruses or malware, the independed software companies checked our soft and gave us '100%' clean certifications. You can see our certifications in the Awards page. We can't change mcafee rules and help you with this problem, so please contact to mcafee support or change your anti-virus soft.

Every time when a new call is started, I get the error like this
CAudioMixer::OnAudioOpen()#1[id=025f27b0].Bad format: (wBitsPerSample=8,nSamplesPerSec=22050,nChannels=2) - Skipping this stream

This error means that VoIP opens sound device as 8 bits per sample. MX Skype Recorder (v3.4 or below) supports ONLY 16 bits per sample.
It can be some reasons why it opens as 8 bits:
   - you use old VoIP
   - you have sound card which doesn't support 16 bits
   - the old sound card drivers are installed, try to update them, it can help.

If sound card driver updating didn't help, please send email to support and give the following info:
   - name of VoIP application and full version of it
   - name and model of sound card device

I'm experiencing some sort of a problem. The volume of the recorded voice of the other chatter is too low, unlike it is in the Skype conversation. What can I do to fix this?
The MX Skype Recorder (v3.4 or below) doesn't change volume of sound. It records as it comes from/to sound card.
The problem is you usually adjust other side voice (audio out) when you have a conversation. And other side person adjust your voice. So you make together appropriate volume. But when you play record you adjust both (in and out) levels at the same time.
We're going to make automatically changing audio levels while recording in the next versions.
But now, you have 2 options to solve this problem.
1) when you have a conversation, change the sensitivity of microphone until you have the same levels of audio in and out (you can check it by MX Skype Recorder).
2) make records as "dual audio track", and change volume for audio in and out separately as you want when you play.

It doesn't record anything in my case, I use Skype 3.0 beta and SkypeRecorder v1.2.
You should use MX Skype Recorder v2.1 or higher for Skype 2.6 or 3.0.

Can MX Skype Recorder record calls with more than two people?
Yes, It's doesn't matter for it how many people in a call. It also can record a skypecast.

I can't change the default hotkey (Ctrl+R).
You should use SkypeRecorder v1.2 or higher, or if you use v1.1 you should restart program after changing it.