MX Skype Recorder

MX Skype Recorder is a new tool that works in conjunction with Skype and other VOIP applications, to record your voice conversations.

How to record a skype audio conversation ?

This process is fully automatic, you just have to make the following steps:
- run MX Skype Recorder
- run Skype (or Yahoo)
- start conversation by Skype (or Yahoo) as you do it usually
- when you finish the conversation MX Skype Recorder makes mp3 file and puts it into the output folder
( usually into C:\Program Files\SkypeRec\records )

Description of controls

There are timer, 3 buttons (record, stop, open output folder), status bar, 3 indicators and 2 level lines

main windows

- on when skype is active
- on when skype is sending audio data to "audio out" device
- on when skype is getting audio data from "audio in" device

Timer shows the length of current recording track.
Status bar show additional information.


- "Autorun"
"Off" - not run the program when windows is starting.
"On - Visible mode" - run the program when MX Windows is starting

- "Hot key"
You can change hot key for hide/active program (default Ctrl+R)

- "Folder for output files":
MX Skype Recorder creates files in this folder. You should have enough space in this folders.

- "VoIP programs"
This field consists names of processes from which can be recorded.

- "Use password"
If you want that nobody will use this program, you should switch on the password.

- "Automatically start recording"
Set this option if you want to automatically start recording when conversation is started.

- "Encoder"
There are two choises now: 'Lame mp3' or 'PCM wav'.

- "Samples rate, Hz
Samples rate of output mp3 files.

- "Bitrate, kbts"
Bitrate of output mp3 files.

- "Extension of output files"
You can change the extension of output files for other users won't guess that they're audio files.

- "Dual audio track"
If you set this option you will get output files in two channels (stereo) mode (one channel for input, another channel for output), else you will get output files in one channel (mono) mode (input and output channels will be mixed in one channel)